Render Wrangler

The Render Wrangler is responsible for launching, monitoring and optimizing the rendering processes on the render pipeline. He ensures established priorities are met and is responsible for the render workflow functionality and efficiency.


Flexible Hours / Possible night shift

  • Ensuring that render jobs are properly prioritized in the queue system to meet project deadlines.
  • Monitoring the workflow and job status on a regular basis.
  • Perform Quality Assurance/Approval on created files and encode proxies.
  • Communicating with the production team the outstanding issues, as well as overall render farm performance and efficiency.


  • 3 to 5 years experience in a similar position
  • Understanding 2D / 3D video production processes;
  • Being able to prioritize and deal with heavy workload;
  • Good knowledge of PC / MAC environments;
  • Good experience with AE / Ppro / Media Encoder
  • Experience with C4D + Octane Render


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